Results of abnormal cells and high risk HPV

Results of abnormal cells and high risk HPV . It's been 5 years since my last smear test. I don't have a boyfriend I split with my husband 3 years ago. I'm only 31 with 2 Children one is autistic. What does this mean? The letter said they will send me for a colpoacopy but not when. Cancer is big in my family im worried as i dont know what it means i know drs can leave things too long. mum has lung lung camcer that has spread to brain and my grandad has cancer .. I have had discharge but they said I had an infection but they said it might be due to my copper coil and I said it needs removing. I'm just stressing now until Monday

Abnormal cells on the cervix can be caused by the hpv virus, it's a virus that you can have for years with no symptom, it just sort of stays in the blood and then sometimes causes these abnormal cells. There are various grades of abnormal cells, that's what they'll look for at the colposcop... they use dyes to show up the cells and the dr will give you an indication then on whether it's best to get rid of the cells or whether they'll just keep an eye. Having abnormal cells increases the risk of cervical cancer in the future if they're left, but it's not definate that itll become cancer. 

Getting that letter is scary I know! I had mine a few weeks ago and had a colposcopy and lletz the following week. It's not nice waiting on the biopsy results and we are all here to talk to while you wait if you do have to have biopsies aswell (most do no matter what grade they see)  but only a small percentage of people actually get diagnosed with cancer at this point, so it's likely it's just cells they'd rather you didn't have xxx