Results not mentioned


I had a colposcopy examination 6 weeks ago. At the examination the nurse said: "You have HPV all over your cervix" (white areas) and said she would try and remove as much as possible so she took 5 biopsies including one glandular which was blocked (yellow area). She told me the lab will confirm whether in fact there is HPV or not but won’t be able to tell me which type.  She wrote to me confirming what had been done, and that she would write to me with the results once they were in with a plan of care. So I got a letter at 6 weeks with no results mentioned…not even the word biopsy or HPV confirmation or not. Seems really shady. Just discharged back to GP. Could they have lost the results? I would have least have expected: “no abnormalities detected, no HPV or something along those lines. What were those white areas then. Why had she caused friction in our house by saying “You have HPV”….we were arguining as any couple might do with this sprung on them after 30 years of marriage. Feel stupid now as I had actually talked to the GP about this and being shocked at being told this.  Plus I had 5 weeks of agonizing cramps after the biopsies…have got adenomyosis and I think it aggravated this.

First of all, HPV is only the cause of 70% of cervical cancers and there is no way that your colposcopist could know from looking whether you have HPV only a lab test can do that.

The white areas are simply abnormal cells, and those cells can become abnormal for a number of reasons not only due to HPV.

In addition, tell your husband to stop being argumentative. HPV can lie dormant for a number of years and depending on your past it is more than likely that he gave it to you (condoms are not effective against HPV either). So he needs to shut up and be supportive.

You need to contact your GP and ask why you have not been given the results of the biopsy and what is happening next.