Results Letters

Well I finally recieved my results letter following the lletz and I am shocked at how short it is and the fact that there are no descriptions.
This is the content of the letter:

The cervical tissue removed recently in the colposcopy clinic at your loop diathermy treatment showed pre-cancer abnormality and changes due to the papillomavirus (CIN3 and HPV).

Please see your GP in 6 month's time for a cervical smear.


Is this normal practise? There is explanation of what CIN3 or HPV is (although I do know), I was given no information when I went for the procedure other than he read the smear letter to me and said I would bleed and no intercourse for 4 weeks.

It just seems that I have had this bombshell dropped on me and no one wants to talk it through with me. I am hoping to get an appointment with the GP tomorrow as they have a copy of the histology report.

I am considering making a complaint ot the hospital about the lack of information given before, during and after the appointment as I am sure that I am not the only one that feels this is inadequate.



Hi Becka, I know it's been a traumatic time, my journey is just beginning and much like you I have questions about how they share certain information with us. 

I went for a smear test and the first was unreadable, I was asked to attend for a second and didn't hear from the smear taker (as promised) and received a letter to attend for a colposopy a couple of weeks later. 

I had "borderline changes". During the procedure the Doctor could not see anything to concern her, she decided to take a biopsy "just in case", simply because of the smear results.

I felt confident leaving after the procedure, I felt sure that if anything suspect was there that they may have discussed it with me.

Imagine my shock when I received a call the other day telling me to go to a Gyno Oncologist next Monday to "discuss the results", there is an "abnormality". 

Oh and I should bring someone with me.......

I know it doesn't seem like it, but to me your letter is great news, maybe the information is a little bare, but where you are now is where I would love to be in a few weeks, fingers X.

Visit your GP, mention the lack of information, but take a deep breath and enjoy what is actually very good news. 




Hi Becka,

I thought the same when i recieved my results letter, My letter just said:

 Following your recent vist to the coloposcopy clinic where you had the Lletz procedure, the tissue that was removed  has shown evidence of CIN 3. We do not need to see you again at the colposcopy clinic. However you will need to have a smear at you GP surgery in 6 months time to ensure all of the abnormal cells have been removed.

I was expecting more info there was no mention of HPV but when i went for my follow up smear they tested me for HPV.