results letter received



I had a follow up colposcopy after LLets proccedure last month I am kicking myself for not asking questions I had prepared but when I got there I felt like none of the nurses or the conusltant wanted to be there. Plus I have a hard time understanding my consultant as he has a thick accent. 

However, I have had my results back saying I have borderline cell changes, they are going to discharge me from the clininc and to go to my GP in a year. 

I am not happy with this. Surely if my results are saying borderline changes I should still be moritored every 6 months. 

So my question is has this happened to anyone else and if so were you discharged and told yearly screening. 



hi, After my follow up colps I had a "patch" of abnormal cells but was still discharged... 6 years later I'm back with CIN and possibly VAIN but away from where they normally take the smear.I think this is left over from my treatment and that my infection never went away, I am unluckly most people's clear up after treatment and I'm sure yours will as well.


I think if they discharge you it means that even if you have some hpv and abnormalities they don't think its going to go anywhere in the next few years. However, I would make sure you have a yearly hpv test to make sure you clear the infection. My new one was only picked up with hpv testing and not smear. If you have an hpv infection (but clear smears in a year or twos time I would insist on a colposcopy. xxx