Hi ladies,

So after 7 and a half weeks of waiting for colposcopy/biopsy results, I've finally had my letter!! 

Now my smear came back borderline changes and HPV so I went for a colposcopy and had a biopsy taken. My letter only said I'm recommended to return in 12 months time for a follow up smear and colposocopy. This is obviously great news and what I was hoping for, I was so relieved!! But the letter didn't say "this is what we found" so does that mean the biopsy came back as the same as my smear? Why didnt the letter tell me what the actual results were?

Anybody else's letter like this?! 

Hi all I can say going on my letter after my biospy I got the letter 4 weeks later and on it it's said the results found were cin111 and in the same letter there was appointment for the lletz treatment, u can always ring the clinic and see wishing you luck xxx

Thanks for this! I just had an attatched appointment for a years time march 2018! I rang them the other week and they said they didn't have any results yet (strange) but I onviosuly don't need treatment just would have been nice for the letter to say these are the results! I may give them a call.

Good luck with your LLETZ treatment hope it all goes okay for you xx

irs great you don't have to be back till 2018 absolutely delighted for you, but would still be nice to know what the results were, im over the lletz had it last Tuesday long 4-6 weeks now for the results