Results in but they won't tell me over the phone

I just called to find out if my results have been received from my biopsy and they have however the lady said she was unable to tell me them as she is not medically trained!!!


She then said the consultant needs to look at them and they should write to me next week. So now I have to wait another week or so to find out the results.


Surely if there was nothing there, they would have easily been able to say that? But equally if it was really bad, they would have said soemthing too.


I hate the waiting so much!

Hi Becky,

My GP's receptionist told me the same thing, they don't like to give results out over the phone anymore as they can't answer any questions you may have and they don't want to say the wrong thing. I wouldn't wait for the doctor to call you, I rang and rang the dr's (for a week) until finally I get a call on the Friday to say I have to go and see the doctor.

Stay strong! and if you need a chat pm me! The waiting is the hardest bit! xx

The waiting is the worst part, we all agree with that, but do try not to read too much into the timeframes. Each hospital has it's own process for reviewing results and agreeing next steps before talking to you and although its frustrating, at least you be able to have confidence that what you are told is right.

I found that waiting was one of the times that friends and family could be really helpful eitther by letting me talk about my worries (if they were the listening type) or with distraction (if they were the action type). I know it sounds a bit trite but I found a trip to the movies or  watching a comedy DVD with a couple of mates and a bottle of wine a really good way to get thropugh th evenings.

Good luck, you'll know the news very soon and then you'll be able to move on. xxx

Thanks for the replies.

It's not my GP, I called the hospital. My sister is a nurse and she said if they were worried they wouldn't write it in a letter but I disagree. I can imagine it's easier to say it's bad in a letter than over the phone.

I think I'm just so worried as I was positive for HPV.

Hopefully the fact I called will make them write the letter sooner and send me the results.

Did other people get a letter saying what it was or did they get a call?

Hi, I would agree that if it's bad they wouldn't be sending you the results in a letter. When I went for mine I was told I would receive my results in a letter - however 3 weeks later I was called and asked to go in urgently to meet with the consultant as they had my results but wouldn't discuss with me unless face to face. At that appointment I was then diagnosed with CC. The fact they haven't asked you to go in and are still proceeding with the written results process seems positive to me. Hope that helps


Thanks for the reply Sophie and I'm really sorry about your diagnosis.


I have a feeling it's possible CIN 2/3 which of course is good that it's not CC but equally the thought of the procedure to remove the cells is terrifying. It's just a wait and see time I guess.

The waiting is the worst bit - definitely. I would also say that if you do have to have the cells removed (probably by LLETZ) it's nowhere near as bad as you are expecting. It is honestly painless (you don't even really feel the injections) and is over so fast. It also seals the wound at the same time so you arent bleeding etc afterwards either like you do from the biopsies. I hope that puts your mind at ease a bit. hopefully you'll get your results sooner rather than later :) x

Hi Beckyboo,

I can describe my own experience, which my help....

My consultant did tell me (bad news) over the phone - and I'd not even met him before, he said they normally wouldn't but he didn't want to leave me not knowing....

They got me back in for a face 2 face explanation ASAP, no letters involved. For my bad news they wanted me in to have further tests quickly, so they were aranged by telephone.

Maybe that will help settle your mind somewhat, I think it sounds positive in your situation. I hope so.

Lisa x



i too was told no news is good news and they wouldn't put bad news in a letter. My gp told me when she called me in to tell me that I would be receiving a letter to go to hospital for a colposcopy due to smear results. She actually rang to get me in to tell me that the letter was coming and what it all meant.

when I had the results of my LLETZ, I received a phone call although they told me I would receive the results in the post in 3-4 wks.

so fingers crossed all is well. They wouldn't just leave bad news sitting on the system to go out. For both my smear and LLETZ results the people who phoned said they had just got the results directly from the lab.

xxx dons