results in! A calmer me

Hi ladies 

Thought I'd post a little update!

Had my smear on 30th July...

Had colposcopy on 20th Aug...

Cin2 and high risk hpv confirmed

Colposcopy and treatment (today)11th sept

Now to await results and return for a smear in 6 months!!


This whole experience has got to be the most stressful thing I've ever experienced it's all the waiting for results and the unknown but after today I'm feeling so much for positive!!

Can you have cin2 and after LLETZ it turns out to be cin 3 or the dreaded c word?

I'm not normally a worrier and this has absolutely drained me so in future if any smears come back abnormal I will not panic well try too and just wait to see what happens


Lots of love to every one!

P.s what a fantastic page!!! So helpful