Results...happy story x

Hey everyone, last Tuesday I was sent my results letter one week to the day saying I have high grade dyskaryosis. It was my first smear aged 24, I had no symptoms and I was devastated. Luckily I have private medical insurance so was able to have a colposcopy two days later, if not I would have waited until today from the nhs which is very very fast (took this as a very bad sign). When I had my colposcopy the gynae said it looked like CIN2 to him and not cancer. Fast forward through the worst week of my life waiting for results, preparing for the worst but hoping for the best, when today I decide to call up and ask about results even though I know my gynae is on annual leave. After a few hours of trying to get through my docs secretary calls me back and says that my biopsy results are back but as my gyno isn't back until Tuesday I can't know anything until then, I got off the phone feeling worse than ever :( anyway 5mins later the phone goes again and it's the secretary! She said after looking at my date of birth and hearing how worried I was on the phone she had to call the doctor and see what she could do, he said to definitely tell me that IT'S NOT CANCER!!! No sign of malignancy but I do need lletz next week. What a lovely lovely lady xxxx


Woohoo happy days glad you have got your results, you can relax until your LLETZ now which I’m sure you will get through no problem xx