Results - good news!!

Hello all,  just wanted to share my good news, had my 2nd 'big' scan, chest, abdo, pelvis - got results today & to put it in their terms ''no positive evidence of recurrance of cancer'' --yay!! another 4 months ticked off cancer 'free'.

Great news! So pleased for you x :-)



Yeeeeeey go you xxxxxxxxxx

Well done you that's brilliant news xx

Fandabbydosy!  That's lovely news. Hope you celebrate. Karen x

Fandabbydosy!  That's lovely news. Hope you celebrate. Karen x

Fantastic news!  So so pleased for you.

Cheryl, xxxx

Brilliant news!! Xx

Thats fab news :) xx

Fabulous news!! Really really pleased for you. Hope u celebrate in style x

So happy for you xxx

Well done 2014 will be a hood year x

Well done 2014 will be a good year x

Hello - thank you all for replying to my good news.  It's been difficult to come to terms with the whole experience.  I've never been 'sick' in my life, so it was devastating to be told something life threatening was wrong.  Especially as I'd been so particular with my smears, never missed. I was unlucky that I'm in the 15 - 20% of ladies whose tumour grows higher up in the cervix, beyond the reach of smear tests.  It was found after the  biopsy taken during colposcopy.  I've come a long way since diagnosis and remain positive about my future. Each 'big' scan (as I call it) that has a clear result, reinforces this.  

I wish all the best for you ladies out there who are still in treatment.  It's unpleasant but can be done! Here's to the next clear scan!!

God Bless



Hi Sharon

I was like you in that I'd never missed a smear and my tumour was found higher up my cervix after the biopsy was taken at the colposcopy.

Luckily mine hadn't spread though for which I'm very thankful for.

You've done so well to come this far, long may it continue.


Cheryl, xx