Results from smear 3 types what next?

Hi all
I’m a expat from the UK , stuck in Denmark. I’ve just got my emergency smear back and it shows
HPV 56 & 59 & 66.

I’m worried, as being in Denmark they also don’t talk English to me. I’ve been bleeding since 29th September and for a week now passing palm sized clots which prompted a ER visit and well yeah this pap.

What will happen next? I understand there’s 14 types of high risk and these are 3 of them. I’m so worried.

Hello sorry that you find yourself in this situation. Did they say that the results from the smear show abnormal cells what is called CIN? Or is it just HPV positive?

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Hi Hop,.
Just said I had the genotypes.Nothing else.

I had a tonne of blood work done as well and that’s a little crazy my b plate count is extremely high, and my sghb count is extremely low which isn’t good from what I’ve heard.

They have a very low key “we care” vibe here especially if your not a “true” dane.

Have lower leg pitting edema for months, lower back pain for a year, pelvic pain for months too. And then yeah bleeding since September. Every gyn I called to see told me your too heavy for our clinic and so I’ve been just hoping it was nothing.

I had abnormal cells in 2016 at my last appointment and had a LEEP? I think it’s called to remove them but yeah that was it.

Had abnormal paps in the UK and had a cone removal and then microscopic surgery at the women’s to remove endo tissue that was stuck together all around my ovaries.

So yeah trying to not think the worse but here I am a wreck.


I am sorry for your diagnosis. My experience was that I went for a Pap test and the bleeding didnot stop after a couple of days with huge clots so I rushed to the A&E And initially they prescribe me some medication to stop the bleeding and they referred me for a colposcopy. However, I was lucky enough that the doctor there suspected cancer and referred me immediately for PET and MRI scan skipping the colposcopy stage. The following week she took a sample for biopsy for confirmation. You will need to do a colposcopy or scans to see what’s going on.

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Are they booking any scans? Or colposcopy? They will hopefully investigate and get to the bottom of it. It must be stressful for you . But definitely push to be seen .

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Hi Maria,
This sounds exactly like me. I’m passing palm sized clots ,filling a menstrual cup up in less than 40 mins.

My Drs here don’t believe that I had HPV in the UK ( they don’t have my records because no one wants to change them into Danish :no_mouth:). So they basically ignored me all the time.

They gave me provera at the ER said it should work this was last Sunday bare in mind and I’m still terrible now, with pain and can’t leave home because of the bleeding.

Really don’t know what to do next.

They wanted to see me on 26th to fit a IUD to apparently fix my bleeding told them that I wasn’t okay with that but they still sent the appointment.

No idea what next as the GYN acute ward closed at 3 pm for phone calls and yeah my results are again in Danish with only 'high risk HPV has been proven and then the types".

So sorry really can’t believe they are not booking you for scans don’t give up trying to get an appointment for it, good luck really hope you get a doctor that can give you some answers.

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Hi Britin DK,

I don’t know if it helps I was given Tranexamic acid to stop the bleeding. Are there any gynaecologists that you can go private? Maybe the drs in the ER don’t have specialisation in oncology. OMG I cannot believe what you are going through! Be strong :muscle: and try not to panic.

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