Results from punch biopsy- called in for a follow up appointment tomorrow

Just wanted to share how scared I am now.
I’ll try to keep my story brief. Last year I had two LLETZ for CGIN/AIS and HPV16, the last LLETZ showed no residual disease.
I got pregnant two months later and now have a 9 month old baby boy.
I had a post partum follow-up smear which was clear but showed that I still had HPV16.
Two weeks ago, (6months after my postpartum smear), I had a colposcopy and the doctor saw a suspect acetowhite area and did a punch biopsy.
I received a letter saying they received the results and that I should book a follow up appointment. I am in the private system not NHS and my oncologist has always share the results of LLETZS and colposcopies in his correspondence so this is why I’m worried…

Just wanted to share my worries. My appointment is tomorrow morning and I have no idea how I’m going to be able to sleep tonight…Thank you for reading my post…

Hello, just wanted to wish you well for your appointment, I also had 2 Lletz .1 one for CIN3 and CGIN ., been dealing with HPV positive result for many years now.
Not sure what my next results will be but I take comfort that by attending all my appointments it won’t take me to a place where this becomes difficult to take care of. On my last appointment I asked if hysterectomy was in the cards if my 2 Lletz didn’t work and she said that it depends if I have enough cervix left for a 3rd one but yes hysterectomy could be a possibility. Something that I actually wouldn’t mind I already had my kids and some of my best friends had Hysterectomys and they are doing absolutely fine. Good luck for tomorrow

Dear Hop1,
Thank you so much for your reply.
Well, my consultant has indeed recommended a hysterectomy as I have CGIN again and it’s reoccurring in such a short amount of time. If I were 30 and wanted to start a family he would maybe recommend a third LLETZ but because I’m 41 and we are happy to have just one child, he recommends a hysterectomy. It seems drastic and big, but I know it’s the best decision for some peace of mind.
I do feel weird about explaining it to people as CGIN or AIS is just such a weird “precancer”. It’s not cancer but because it’s tricky to treat and if it’s persistent and reoccurring then a hysterectomy is warranted. I’ve told work it was very very early cancer but now I feel incredibly guilty, almost as if I have lied.

Hey no is not a lie at the end of the day it is to prevent cancer so yes the word pre cancer or early cancer is not inaccurate.
I am still waiting for my results for my 2 Lletz but probably if they find CGIN again hysterectomy will be next step for me also,
like I mentioned hysterectomy does not scare me I know is not a small surgery but because my friends went through it and managed extremely well it makes me feel is absolutely possible to do it and be OK after. Probably the stress of the constant monitoring and waiting for results is the worst part of all this. Please let me know how it all goes for you sending lots of strength :muscle:

Thank you so much for your reply and words of reassurance. You’re right I should stop feeling guilty it’s not a minor thing after all.
I’m not too scared about the operation either as Iknow it’s the best decision and as you say I think I would be more stressed about waiting and monitoring…
When do you think you’ll get your results? Let me know when you get them. Sending you lots of strength too for this waiting x

Hi. I am reading this and I know how you feel. I am so worried about my situation that I can’t stay away from Google and YouTube and even here :frowning: I hope the best for you

Thanks probably will get results in a few weeks but you never know it may take longer…

Hi Bellabu,
I can totally relate, but I know it’s hard to stay away from Google , try and stay off it, as each approach is very individual and Google and even this forum make our anxiety worse. Maybe allocate 30 minutes a day only where you allow yourself to worry and go in Google and then the rest of your day is spent doing everything else to distract yourself. Good luck xx

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Hey Hop ok fingers crossed you won’t have to wait longer, good luck for this waiting, it’s the worst. Keep me posted when you get your results xx