Results from lymph nodes back - not good news

Hi everyone,

had my follow up appointment today with my consultant to find out the results of my lymph nodes and unfortunately it's not good news. I now have to wait for my hysterectomy to heal before I can go for a PET scan and then they can come up with a treatment plan for chemo/rads.

surprisingly I'm feeling ok about it all. I'm due to go on holiday in just under 8 weeks and my consultants says I should have all my results back by then and a treatment plan in place for when I get back. At least I can go on holiday, relax and enjoy myself before starting more treatment. 

Now the waiting game begins again.........

Hey KazzaG, 

Sorry you've not had good news, bloody shite for you. 

Bonus that all the scans can be done before your hols & as you say you can relax, re-charge your batteries and be able to face your treatment with a fresh outlook and strength.

Wishing you lots of luck for your journey ahead.

Take care

Flo xxx

I'm sorry it's such crappy news. I hope you'll be able to enjoy your break though xx

Thanks guys. I'm still on the road to recovery from my rad hyst but I'm determined to enjoy my holiday in August and then hit the ground running when I get back. Well thats the plan. Xxxx

Sorry to hear that Kazza, at least you have your holiday to look forward to, and then they can get the treatment underway when you get back. Xx

Hi kazza

im sorry you are facing more treatment. :(

we are all here for you when you need us!

enjoy your holidays. 

Big hugs

Thanks everyone. I'm of using on that holiday for now. There's no point worrying about treatment just yet as I can't have PET scan until my hysterectomy has reached the 6 week mark anyway. Hopefully, I wil have all the results back and will have a treatment plan in place for when I return off holiday, but you never know how the hospital works. I'm definitely not having more treatment before I go on my holiday. I discussed this with my consultant and McMillan nurse yesterday and they both said it was fine. Made up I've now got the OK to drive so I don't feel as isolated, xxxxx

Hi kazza 

I'm sorry to hear your news , your holiday will do you and your family the world of good , then when you get back you can tackle this again with your head held high. my radical hysterectomy is booked in for Tuesday getting a little more nervous now , then it's the waiting around for results . I wish you a relaxing holiday and best wishes for when you get back xx

Thanks Lisa xxx that's all I'm focusing on at the moment, it's the thought of that what's keeping me going through this recovery period I don't think I could go through with chemo/rad just yet. I think my head and body would be in a better position after my holiday. Good luck for your hysto. Remember, resting is part of the recovery period xxxc anything you need to ask just message me xxxx

Thank you kazza

i have been reading all your posts and they do make me feel more at ease knowing that we all are on a journey and we are all strong women and can do this . A holiday will do you good . I was due to have my op on the 12th june the day I went on holiday , consultant said a few week wont matter, I came back Tuesday , it was just what we all needed I've also finished work until I'm well enough to go back , so I'm thinking about it more now , went shopping to get bits for the hospital today , any advice about the op would be great . Did you have to wait long for the biopsy  results as that's starting to worry me already it's the waiting they also seems the though part  ,keep me posted  and have a wonderful holiday xx

Hi kazza,

Im sorry you have to have more treatment ur journey is turning out like mine was. I had a hysterectomy and one of my lympnodes had cancer so needed the extra treatment. I handled the treatment quite well no nausea just tired from radio so hopefully u will breeze through too. 

I just got my results from my 3 month scan a week ago and it was all clear so this shows that it can be cured if it wasn't with the surgery.

If you have any questions please pm me 

Enjoy your holiday you deserve it x

Hiya hun Thank you for the kind words. 3 of my lymph nodes have come back positive. I have a PET scan booked for 12th July and prob get results a week later. I will have more of an idea then xxx I'm so looking forward to my holiday. I think it will help me get my head in the right space before starting more treatment xxx congrats on your 3 month scan xxx