Results from colposcopy

I had my colposcopy today and he said everything looks fine but that i have a non cancerous condition that causes some of the cells to grow outside the cervix near to the part that is shed when you have your period… he did say what it was called but i cant remember i know it wasnt cervical erosion though… has anyone been told anything similar or know what the condition is called?

Ectropion? That is cervical erosion/s though, just another name for it x

No it begun with h i think.. im confused and scared incase it is something serious.. 

I can only think of HPV, but I know it isn’t. What did he say will happen going forward if anything?

He said no further investigation is needed and that i will be discharge and judt attend my first smear when i am called.. so i assume it cant be anything serious he didnt take a biopsy or anything