Results from biopsy

Hi everyone just wondering how long y have had to wait for yourresults from the biopsy? I had three taken and was also wondering is this is normal to? r

I am very new to all this and quite nervous bout my results!!!

thank you Sarah xxxxx



not unusual to have more than one biopsy as testing different areas.

results vary, usually the longer u wait the better the results. Between many of ladies on here who have diagnosed with cc, most got results quickly in 2-3 wks ( I was 2 wks 3 days) having been told 3-6 wks for results.

good luck xxx dons

I had my punch biopsy on the Monday and got my CIN3 results on the Saturday - very quick!

I just had my Loop biopsy yesterday, i am also wondering how long i will wait for the resilts - was told 2-3 weeks so i will wait patiently


Tails xx

Thankyou for replying had my results pretty quickly just waitibg to see my consultant now as he wants to discuss my results :/!!! Xxxxx