Results from 6 month PET!

Hi Ladies!

Just an update on my situation!

I got my results from my doctor today and he said

Congratulations “There is very faint uptake in the cervical canal without tumoural features”

I gather this means I am clear?!

I have booked an appointment to discuss results - has anyone had a familar term used? I was wanting to hear ALL CLEAR but is that the same in Doctor language?

love to all you ladies



Hi Vick,  I have no idea what this means exactly but wanted to send you lots of warm wishes, a hug and tell you how happy I am that you got positive news (as it certainly sounds positive).  Why do they need to be so cryptic?  How are you doing in general anyway and when is your next appt to discuss in more detail?xx


Congratulations again!  

What it means is that there are cells in the cervix that are taking up more glucose, but this is most likely scar tissue resulting from your treatment.  So you are all clearSmile.

When I had increased uptake, the silly s**s decided it was probably a recurrence, but it was just inflammation probably related to my treatment.

Big Hugs

Hi Ladies - thanks for your responses - over the past week, I have let it all sink in and I've been feeling so happy.

It was so surreal my partner was don't seem as elated as you should be? Its just so hard for me to believe as I've always had doctors saying the opposite!

Andrea! how are u going? Not long now until you get your results... I have been feeling better - although exhausted - I started back at work again 2 weeks ago after 3 months's definitely proving tiresome. It's also hard as it's a new job (as I moved to Australia) and I chose not to tell them about my illness as I didn't want any employers thinking it would be a concern. My old employer were so understanding and I could come and go as I pleased but at my new's a different story. The jury is still out as to if I've done the right thing here..but oh well..can't do much about it now.

I have been to the doc 3 times with a bladder infection that just won't go away..had 4 rounds of anti biotics and going back on Monday - so annoying - this is probably contributing to me just feeling a bit rubbish at the moment. Dialators are going MUCH better - I figured out what I was doing wrong...I thought I was using them for 15 minutes every few days when infact..I timed myself once and it was only 5 - so no wonder I was having trouble. Now I use them every second day for 15 minutes and they are not a problem - still haven't tried sex again but I really feel that it will go alot better next time...I am definitely not as worried..but it still plays on my mind haha.

I have been diagnosed with enteritis from the radiation - last week actually - my tummy is just a mess but it's totally managable..I just have to be careful - can't have rich foods, dairy, sugary cakes or whatever..esp in the mornings - as soon as I figured out what and what not to do, Its been alot better. I lost 10 kg through the whole ordeal (Got down to 48kg) and now am back up to 52 so weight is coming back on and feeling better - not as weak.

Overall - I am going great - my move to Australia kinda helped me move on with a new phase in my life and put this behind me - although I'm not going to was stressful haha. But now i've been here 3 months, I love it.

Sorry this has turned into a novel - I will PM you as well

Love, Vick xx



Amazing news!!!! :) 

K xxx

Great to read this news! Xx

So Happy for you......Laughing