Results (finally)!

So, mid April I had an abnormal smear result letter simply confirming high-grade dyskaryosis (not whether it was moderate or severe). As you can imagine, I freaked out something proper. My practice nurse confirmed it to be high-grade moderate changes and the colposcopy consultant I saw struggled to find any particular area of abnormality - though there were some very slight white areas to the entrance of my cervix when he applied the vinegar solution, he wasn't sure if the changes were mild or moderate, so opted to biopsy rather than leap in with LLETZ! All extemely reassuring.

Anyway - yesterday I spoke with my GP about an unrelated matter and she dropped in that the results were in, but just said there were no signs of invasive carcinoma! Nice, happy, but she was gone before I had a chance to get any more information so I called the colposcopy clinic today only to be told I had another appointment shceduled for 1st June; freaked out something proper again as that is so close. But - good news - the colposcopy nurse called back and delivered the results due to the mix-up/concern; the changes are indeed moderate and I am booked in for LLETZ on 10th June - they are just duty bound to provide the earliest possible appointment and the 1st was available. Oddly, I am very much looking forward to it. I'm also getting a pair of kittens on the 13th to aid me through this trying time! 

Long story short:

Moderate changes to be whipped out. Thankfully, this is first time I have had to go to hospital (aside from a broken ankle when I was a kid) and I couldn't be more impressed with how quickly and helpfully the NHS have dealt with this.