Results finally

I had my colposcopy back on 31st October and was told 3 weeks for results... 6 weeks later and nothing so finally caved and called the clinic today. Apologies for the backlog and I was passed between a couple receptionists and finally a nurse. A letter is apparently waiting to be typed but the abnormailty has been downgraded from moderate to mild with recall in 6 months. Relief is unbelievable but I really wish the NHS would do something about this as between the smart test and biopsies it's been 13 weeks of waiting in all and the stress has driven me mad. Don't get me wrong I am pleased with the outcome but I just wish it had been speedier. I wish all you wonderful ladies well, all who have responded to my previous queries have helped to soothe a worried mind! You are all stars ❤️


so glad you've had good news. I agree that the waiting is the worst, it turns something that, for ladies like you, should be short lived and easily forgotten, into a trauma.

go Celebrate!

Molly xxx


I'm so pleased you had such a good result, and in time for Xmas too! I have to say I find it shocking the length of time you all have to wait for results. I would never in a million years knock the NHS because I think they are the most fantastic dedicated people you could ever hope to find (just as they are here too). But you'd think the layers and layers of senior management on top might see their way to getting a temp typist in to cure a backlog  .  .  .  .

Wouldn't you?

Go well


Thank you Molly!


it is a weight off my mind and a big relief! I have stressful life, job etc and this just compounded it so I'm glad there is one less thing to worry about. I hope you're keeping well and have a lovely Christmas!



Thanks Tivoli!

I am relieved and looking forward to being able to relax when I'm off work fir Christmas without this hanging over my head, but if I hadn't called I would still be waiting and wondering... Oh the joys! I hope you have a smashing Christmas too!



What great news! Enjoy Christmas and be healthy...! Get them cell changes back to normal x

Thank you!!!!