Hi ladies,

I’ve been on this forum since December after receiving borderline/HPV results from my smear in November.

As some of you know, I had a 10 week wait for my colposcopy; biopsy was taken.

Received my results today (5 weeks after biopsy) confirmed CIN 1 and return for smear in 12 months. Words can’t describe the relief I felt after 3 months of waiting and anxiety!

Just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and support and hopefully I can pass on some words of wisdom to anyone who is going through a similar situation.

Positive vibes and tonnes of luck to you all xx

Thats wonderful news!! Now you can relax xx

Thanks geegee :)


I didn't want to just get my results and run, I have found it difficult on this site hearing from women who received the same results as me, as I think a lot of people get the good news and don't come back (understandable!).


I just wanted to let women who have borderline smears and biopsies taken at colposcopy know that positive news can well be on it's way :)


Again, good luck ladies xx

That's great news!

I has the same smear results and I am now waiting for biopsy results. Gosh 5 weeks?! That wait it going to hurt!

Hoping to get the same results as you, fingers crossed! X

Everything crossed for you Nikki!


I live in Wales so the wait seems to be longer than across the border, hopefully you will find out much sooner than I did. Stay positive, I went in there thinking the worst because I was focusing on the negative stories as I found it difficult to find any positive ones! Really hope you get the same results as me, please do let me know xx