Results does this sound right?

Got my letter back for my cone biopsy results. I won't read it all but does this sound about right.. "the tissue taken from the cervix (Neck of the womb) has shown CIN1 and high grade CHIN, but no evidence of cancer. This treatment has effectively removed the abnormality. You will require a repeat smear and HPV test in 6 months, if both these are ok you will be returned to routine screening in 3 years" .. and then it says "your case will be discussed in our monthly colposcopy meeting. We will write to you again subsequent to the meeting should your management plan change." 

I'm abit worried how it doesn't state about any margins, so not sure how they can be confident enough the got all the cgin? And then why are they wanting to discuss my case at a meeting? 


Thankyou in advance for any replies xx


It sounds like there were clear margins which is the same as saying it was all removed. They have to discuss all CGIN cases in a MDT meeting, it's standard procedure but they have basically told you what the outcome will be. Congrats! You got the all clear!

Hettiee, I'm so pleased you have your results and it's such good news! Xxx

Thankyou so much!! Xxx