Results colposcopy

Hi. So ive tested hpv positvie for my last 3 year smears with no abnormalities. I was sent for colposcopy 5 weeks ago which showed a small acetowhite dence area in a very hard to reach place. 2 biopsies were taken and i was told i would receive my results by post withon 6/8weeks. So just before the 5 week mark i have been sent another hospital appointment for another colposcopy in a weeks time. There is no explanation as to why and i havent been given any results…just another colposcopy appointment. Had this happened to.anyone.else? Its driving me nutts over thinking everything now.

Hi @Amy1979

I had this before my biopsy results came through i received the results a few days later, the new appointment was to treat the abnormal cells that the biopsy revealed, its likely that in the hard to reach place the biopsy may have found CGIN these changes happen a little further up the cervical canal so they are calling you in to remove them

If you were going to receive bad news, the appointment would be alot sooner than next week and you would have received a phonecall to come in to discuss your results instead of by letter, the next appointment once CC is confirmed is with oncology at an MRI appointment so being invited back to gynaecology its more likely that you need treatment xx

Thanks thats makes me feel a bit better…it just seems such a long wait between appointments and results and my mind never stops! I wasnt expecting them to find anything as all of my smears came up hpv positive but with no abnormal cells. They did say it was in a very hard to reach place going up into the cervical canel so maybe it wouldn’t have been picked up by the smear then xx