results clear :-) thanks jos forum ladies for support

Hi everyone 

Remarkably I got my post cancer diagnosis lletz results today after less than 2 weeks and they didn't find any further cancerous Cgin. So no hysterectomy for now and a checkup in 6 months.

I know the Cgin may come back and I may need a hysterectomy down the line but for now that's it.

I wanted to say thank you for all the support to you lovely Jos forum ladies. 


Hi Sam

What a great relief. Really pleased for you


Fantastic news :-)

All the best for the future

Becky x


So, So happy for you Sam!


Oh wow! Great news. Xxx

brilliant babe!!! congrats!!

Brill news hun, take care.

Lucy xxx

Thanks for all your best wishes you ladies have been a fantastic support wishing you lots and lots of love and support for your journeys too I shall be lurking around for some time as I know that I may not be out of the woods as yet due to the ugly beast that is Cgin but have resolved to do my darndest to not let it return. Healthy eating, exercise, fresh air and trying not to be stressed from now