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I hope I'm posting in the right place. After a high risk hpv result from my smear test, I had a colposcopy and results from the biopsy confirmed cin3 cells. I am due to have these all removed on the 26th and says I will then get my results within 6 weeks. I am confused as I assumed that after having the pre cancerous cells removed, I would be all clear and just need follow up smears. I've looked into CIN3 on the NHS site and it says this 



CIN 3 or CGIN cells indicate that all of the cells in the affected area of your cervix are abnormal. If this is the case, these cells will need to be removed.

In rare cases, a biopsy will show that some of the abnormal cells in your cervix have become cancerous. If this is the case, you will need to have further tests and your specialist will arrange any necessary treatment as soon as possible.


So, does this mean that after having these removed, and a biopsy done again, I could potentially discover that some are already cancerous. I do experience symptoms such as: bleeding after sex, bloating, pain during sex, heavy discharge daily. I am now really worried but trying to put on a brave face for everyone as I have a 5 month old son :( 

I think it's probably unlikely given that you have already had biopsies that confirm CIN3, but they analyse all the tissue taken during a loop/LLETZ just in case there are cancerous changes.  I am waiting for my own letter after a high grade smear and a LLETZ.  There are some ladies on here who have had cancer diagnosed after a loop/LLETZ but, thankfully, I understand that that is very rare and 95% of women never need any further treatment.

I understand that it is very scary because I have felt afraid about this too, but I have tried to be reassured by the statistics.  Also, last time I did this (I had a mild dyskaryosis result 6 months ago, so I had a colp and biopsies) I DID have symptoms, but I got a CIN1 result.  This time I had no symptoms and I had a high grade result!  Of course, it's really good that you are being checked out because those symptoms can be a sign of something bad, but there are many reasons why women can get strange symptoms and it does not mean you have cancer.

I hope you can start to relax as you 'get used to' the waiting.  I feel more reassured the longer I wait for my letter as I feel a negative result would prompt a faster response.

Best wishes to you x

Thank you Libby. I hope you get good news on your letter. 


Yes you are right, the longer the letter takes, the more positive I remain :) I was due for my first smear last year but because I was pregnant with our son, I had to wait over a year for the smear. 

Hi Kellyy

As Liby says, there is a small chance that your biopsy (because it is of such a small area) could have missed a micro-cancer so they test the tissue removed at LLETZ to be safe.

What they are also checking is whether the tissue has clear margins - ie, the abnormal cells do not extend all the way to the edges of what they removed. If they do go to the edges it could show that there are still cells left behind, and they need to do a second LLETZ to get them all.

Hopefully this will not be the case and all will be well :)