Results Borderline possitive HPV

Hi All,


Three weeks ago i went to my doctor as my periods have been a bit irregular and at that point i had been bleeding for 3 1/2 weeks, i was due for my 3 year smear but had to cancel twice as i was still bleeding.  The doctor did a smear test and it has come back borderline with positive HPV virus, i am now going for a colposcopy next week.


I am terrified now !


Hi Michele 

I've had a similar result to u but with mild rather than borderline! Ive had the colposcopy done it's wasn't to bad. I had a biopsy taken and felt nothing apart from a bit of pressure. It's been two weeks and im still waiting for results. Message me if u like would b nice to have someone else who is exactly the same to support. I'm sure u will b fine. 



Colposocpy feels just like smear except you have the choice to see it on a screen :)