Results - beside myself with worry

Hi, I’m new here so just looking for a bit of advice.
My smear came back as HPV positive and abnormal glandular endocervical cells with
features suspicious of glandular neoplasia. I went for a LLETZ 4 weeks ago and the consultant said she would write to me with the results. Fast forwards to yesterday morning, I received a call from the hospital to say my results are back and a consultant in Gynaecology would like to see me this Friday. I’m obviously beside myself with worry. I’m 29 with 2 young children and I’m terrified of what the future may hold for us all.
Has anyone had a similar experience at all?
Any feedback would be much appreciated, good or bad. I just want to prepare myself for what I could possibly be told on Friday.
Thank you for reading x

Hi , I couldn’t possibly guess what may be said, but I just wanted to wish you well and hope for the best for you xx

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it x