Results back

Got my results back.
Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 3. Cin3
Main cancer removed stage 1a2. Was diagnosed with 1b1 at first but when they have removed the mass and measured it was small enough to be put at a lower grade.
They are pretty sure they have got it all because the area they look around cervix is showing Pre cancerous cells and not actually cancer cells.
So next step to remove the Pre cancerous cells and have scan to check area round make sure there’s nothing there shouldn’t be.
I should be grateful that they have removed the main of it but I can’t help but feel worried about the what if.
What happens if after the next op there’s still Pre cancerous cells
What if the scan shows something.
Been told what the next step is. And if everything comes back normal then it’s 6 month smear and get the all clear.
That 6 months seems ages away.
Had a few tears,