Results back from colposcopy

I went for colposcopy on 29th February and received my results yesterday. The Biobsy has came back CIN ( abnormal cells, not cancer). I have now to go back to colposcopy unit to get further treatment. Letter does not say what type of treatment and I am worried as I found Biobsy painful and bleed for 2 weeks after it. Was wondering if anyone has has similar and what treatment they were given ? Thanks

Hi Mrsm79, I was in the same position as you.  Had a biopsy taken at colposcopy appointment and received an appointment letter 2 weeks later so called the secretary from the letter to find out what it was for and although the letters had been sent at the same time I didn't get the information letter until the next day.  My biopsy results were CIN3 and I've got to have the loop excision treatment on Monday (nervous!!).  I had the same symptoms from the biopsy so hoping that the loop excision isn't worse but from what I've read on here from other women it's ok :-)

Hi K Fox 

Thankyou for your reply. I contacted the secretary of the gynacologiest who has said that I should have had a socond letter that stated results. My biobsy results are CIN2 and i will be getting something similar to colposcopy where they will use hea to remove the cells. I go for this on 18th April and im worreid how it will go. I have started my monthly period 2 weeks early and not sure if this is due to colposcopy. 

I'd give them a ring to ask. I'd also ask what grading of CIN your results showed. Good luck x