results arrived but...

Nearly 5 weeks since colposcopy and lletz and got results today.


Its good news but all it says is that the abnormal cells have been successfully further details?! I am still none the wiser as to how severely abnormal the cells were? Am I being unreasonable to think that I should have been given more information?



Hi Smiley, first of all great news that all of the abnormal cells are removed! But yes I would also want to know about the grade. Maybe contact your colposcopy clinic or GP and see if they can tell you.




iv seen a lot of women on here get the same kind of letter as you & like you they wanted to know the details as we all would.

Thway rang the colposcopy clinic & spoke to someone abiut it & found out that way. 

Hope that helps



Mine was the opposite!  Mine told me I had cin 3 but didnt tell me if they got it all! It just says go back in 6 months for a smear xx

Mine was vague as well so Im going to pop along to my GP next week for more detail - also returning in 6 months for another colposcopy 

Bit annoying isn't it - you would think there was some sort of standardised letter that told you the grade, whether they got everything and what the follow up was but seems not! Always ring GP or clinic if you need more info I would say :)