Results are sitting on nurses desk

So 3 weeks post Lletz and biopsy I’ve phoned to see if my results are in (going abroad this week) they are but sitting waiting for nurse to sort. She said hopefully this afternoon latest Wednesday. Is this a good sign that it’s on a pile ???

Hi, I’m not sure if it is good or not, but i am in a similar situation. 3 weeks post LLETZ. Rang the hospital and my results are back but the receptionist wouldn’t tell me anything. She just said that they are waiting to be reviewed by a senior member who will then write to me.

That your results are on a nurses table rather than a consultants sounds like there is nothing to worry about.

I hope you here from them soon


Thanks I am really hoping hope yours is all ok also. Waiting is the worst! Xx

Hi Hayles and Bubbles.

I'm day 19 post lletz (nearly 3 weeks) and I've heard sweet FA. However, I'm of the 'no news is good news' camp so they can send me my results whenever and I'll deal with the consequences then. 

Oh and @Bubbles. I caved at day 16 and myself and Hubby DTD... GP was furious but had no pain, bleeding or discharge! We got a little carried away and I slipped and fell and landed on his you know... well that's what I told the GP anyway! :) Behaving myself now after a stern bollocking... LOL.

I really do believe that no news is good news in this situation.

Septic peg!!! I was gonna cave myself but we fell out over it all, so he lost out!! He’ll have to wait another week now as I’ve just come on and it’s horrendous :(. You’ll have to try and not slip again looool!!!


Sceptic peg you have made me laugh!! Much needed :)xx

@Bubbles - Hahaha so your Hubby is having a sulk even more so now. Rofl. Boys are so silly. Mine learnt the hard way (excuse the pun) so it was a lot of pleading, puppy dog eyes etc as he knew putting his foot down or getting arsey about it meant he'd wait longer! So I must behave. Even though he has began sniffing round me again... down boy! Lol.

@Hayles - Glad I could cheer you up hun. I really don't take life all that seriously and I badly need to learn about times and places. Like the other day, 10 days post lletz, me and a couple of gal pals head into town on a spree. We end up in Ann Summers. What do I do? Head for the back and find the boingiest (is that a word?), rubbery, man bit shaped thingy-ma-bob and start waving it about like an immature 13 year old. And I'm in my 30s... my friends collapse in a heap laughing and I get a dodgy look from the staff... one day I'll grow up... lol

Hope you get the same as me literally just got my letter. 

'Following this lady's LLETZ excision performed under local anaesthetic I wish to inform you that this has been reported as high grade. The abnormal area has now been removed and she can be discharged into your care. '


Then goes on to say repeat smear in 6 months

Keeping everything crossed for you

That’s great news Brown Owl!!! I called the hospital today and the receptionist said that results were reviewed today and although she can’t give me results over the phone, there is nothing for me to worry about!!!

Cant believe how relieved I felt, I should get a letter in a few days but can finally move on.

Septic peg and Hayles hope u get ur results soon.