Results are in...

So today I get home from work to the letter from the hospital!

Nerves and sweats started as I opened the letter but I am pleased to say it was good news. They confirmed CGIN and CIN 1/2 luckily they have also confirmed that they managed to remove all the cells and I just need a follow up in 6 months to see what results I get and then we take it from there.

I have my fingers crossed for all you ladies out there still waiting for your results! Keep positive and good news will follow! Xx

really happy for you, it's very nerve wrecking opening that letter. X

Fab news Shireen!  So happy for you that they got it all and I'll keep my fingers crossed for a nice clear smear in 6 months for you :) xx

Im so happy for you ,Im new here waiting for my coloscopy,cone biobsy & D& C to be done on monday im freaking my heart out so stressed i dont know what you think all i think i a word cancer on my mind ,i never hany any of the symptoms or anything hoping that the procedure willgive me good news .

Great news! :-) x