Results are in...

After many tearful telephone calls between myself and the colpocopy coordinator I have just been told (informally) that they found CIN2 and CIN3. No CGIN and no invasive malignancy!!!! She wasnt able to tell me if my margins were clear but the consultant is phoning me on Tuesday with proper detailed results!

I feel so relieved, and emotional. My Dad is over from america for the first time in 2 years tomorrow so I can actually enjoy my time with him, without this all hanging over my head.

I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone on here who has given me words of advice and comfort- I can never explain how grateful I am. I am sure to be needing you all again when I have my next screening etc, and I hope I can be of help and support to others.

You are all beautiful, strong, inspirational women xxx

So happy for you lulu!! Brilliant news!! I was lucky enough to have similar results as you earlier this week and it feels amazing! I agree with everything you’ve said, the comfort from coming onto jos forum is so reassuring! Enjoy your weekend xx

Oh that's such reassuring news Lulu. I'm so glad you've got your results & you can enjoy your time with your dad without feeling distracted.

Hi Lulu, soooo pleased for you that the results are in :) the relief must be a great feeling. Make sure you have a fab wkend :D 


my exam went ok (think I passed) but not nearly as bothered about the results as I am about the Lletz results haha. I'm not sure whether to expect results or not :s anyway I'm feeling ok at the mo and not really needing paracetamol or anything so thats a relief in itself. Enjoy your weekend, and happy Easter :D xx

So glad you are ok. It's a relief!!!! Hearing about good news makes us (the ones at the beginning of this loooooong process of waiting) feel more positive.

Have a great weekend


Excellents news xxxx :slight_smile:

Hey ladies-

Thankyou! Im glad hearing my positive news helps. I spoke to the consultant yesterday who said all but one margin was clear but he hopes the Lletz itself will have burnt away any remaining cells. I hope so!

I have a follow up smear with my GP in 6 months time. I have been able to enjoy time with my dad the past few days, and the bleeding has finally stopped today too (1 day short of 4 week!) so Im treating myself to a bath, a night out with my man and maybe some sexy time if I feel I can without freaking out lol, sorry TMI!

I hope you all had a good weekend and ate too many easter eggs!

Ps Katey- when do you get your exam results? xx


Hope you had a good night :p I'm not sure as they said I only get results if there's something wrong, otherwise I'll just get the appt for the 6 month checkup so it is almost worse hoping not to see an nhs envelope come through the door :s can't wait for my bleeding to stop..... Think we should get these horrible sanitary towels on prescription (always must make a fortune out of us)..... Counting down the days till I can go and sit in my gyms hot tub haha xx

Well heres to you not getting a letter through the post until your 6 month check up! I will be keeping my fingers crossed!

The sanitary towels have finally left my house- I almost felt like burning the few I had remaining!! And having a hot bath after 4 weeks of not being able to was bliss, but the hot tub sounds better! Good way to reward yourself soon! That would almost be reason enough to go to the gym!! xx

Thanx LuLu, I'll let you know :) xx