Results are in

So yesterday I went in for an urgent appointment with the consultant. Told it’s Cin3 with suggested cancer cells. Treatment in 10 days time. Don’t really know what all of this means. After I sat down and the consultant said the results, everything went blank. The cancer nurse was there too. What am I supposed to be thinking? Yesterday my stomach was in knots but today I feel fine. Am I shutting things out or is this normal.

hi, I'm sorry that you need treatment, have they said what treatment you at having?

it really is such a strange time with all the waiting and then treatment, I'm sure that with the atnent and support you will have positive results.

I can understand that you are taking it all in and we all handle things differently, just give yourself time to process it all and don't be afraid to ring them back if you need things confirming or need further explanation. I wished I would of asked more questions.

 Sending you big hugs 


Lletz cone first. Then maybe cone after. Consultant went into mri and stuff. All I said was why 18 months ago my smear was clear and how can it go from clear to this in 18 months, and the fact that all my smears have been clear. I'm angry more than anything. Over the past couple of years I've gone to my gps for different things. From pain in my kidneys,well so she thought. Scan was clear. Pain during intercourse. Gp ssid nothing. The only reason I had a colposcopy was because of the grading system of all my symptoms. Still my gp thought it was just hormones. Test after test to see if I'm menopausal,  actually if I think of it 3 blood test over about 5- 10 years. I'm sure the lletz will sort it. But still very scary.

   Hope all goes well for you x