results are in

hi ladies,
as most of you might know I had my smear results on the 2nd Feb saying it was an abnormal result? and that I had to go for a colposcopy
so I went for my colposcopy on the 12th Feb and they preformed lletz treatment there and then, but didn’t tell me anything about what the abnormality was. just that if it was anything bad she would phone me in 2 weeks, if not I would have my results in 4 weeks, which I had today.
the letter says,

I have had the results of your cervical biopsy. it shows the abnormalities that were predicted by your smear. we will arrange to repeat your smear with a colposcopy in the clinic in 6 months time.

that’s all it says? so still don’t know anything about what they found. I phoned them up and the lady on the phone told me she wasn’t allowed to tell me anything but she said it’s nothing for me to worry about. she said whatever it was it’s gone now, I asked her was cancer found and she said no.
i feel a bit relieved now (I think)
can anyone relate to this? sorry for the big essay.

My results letter was equally lacking any real results. I had to follow up and ask them to send me a copy of the actual histology report so I could find out the grading of the abnormal cells that they found. I had tried getting this from the colposcopy clinic, but just ended up playing phone tag with them, so I went to my regular doctor/GP and asked her if she could get a copy of it. She could login to the central health system and print it off for me.

thanks hun, think I will have to go and see my doctor, how can they leave it like that and not tell us what's what, I know it's nothing serious but still don't know anything and they think I can wait 6 months without thinking about it! 


Good luck! If you are anything like me, which it sounds like you are (I was also like "what does 'consistent with my smear' mean? I am not waiting till my follow up in 6 months to find out!", it feels a lot better to know the actual grading of the cells. I find it strange how little they disclose initially, compared to experiences I have in other parts of the medical system where they are very open and give you all the details.