Results are in

After what felt like a lifetime got my results from my colposcopy and been told I have CIN2 booked in to attend hospital next Friday for LLETZ. I am so nervous, worried about the pain as I found the colposcopy painful.
So pleased to have the results though been so anxious but I know everytime I have a smear in the future I’m going to be worried about the results seeings as this fiasco has happened on my 1st ever smear!
I was reading the leaflet that came with the results and it says that I will need to wait 3-4 weeks for results from the treatment. What results will I be waiting for?? I thought that once the treatment was done that was it…so naive


hi Vicki,

I had lletz a week ago today, I was so so nervous and anxious but was quite surprised that it actually wasn't that bad, built this bad image up in my head and it was absolutely fine, had local anaesthetic and didn't feel a thing! honestly hun you'll be fine, the anxiety building upto it was much worse, then you'll realise you had nothing to worry about, I know everyone is different but just thought I'd let you know that I found it ok.

I don't know what my abnormality was but whatever it was they preformed lletz there and then :/ just anxiously waiting for my results now. easier said than done but it helps alot if you just relax. 

here if you need a chat, all the best 

kirsty xx

I waz informed that they send what's removed to the lab. The lab then checks it has normal tissue around the outside to prove all the abnormal cells have removed an nothing is left behind.


I'm dreading the injection the most, the thought of a needle there makes me cringe (can you tell I've had no kids lol). Thanks both for getting back to me it's nice to know others are going through the same. The wait for results is the worst feeling.

I wish Friday would hurry up so I can get it over and done with.


omg I was the same with the injection, I couldn't handle the thought of it! but honest to god it was nothing as I never even knew I had it lol tinyest scratch ever, wouldn't of even known she had done it if she hadn't of said, even watched some of the procedure on the screen to see what was going on because I couldn't feel a thing, and lucky enough I've had no after pain either, I know everyone is different though, Friday will soon be over an done with for you hun xx

I'm gonna ask if I can watch to, would be interested to see what abnormal cells look like. That's really good you've had no after pains you had any bleeding (sorry for intrusive question) I can't imagine not knowing about the injection lol although too be fair I didn't even know they did the biopsy during the colposcopy (she told me she was gonna do it beforehand) x

What was it like watching it? Did you see them actually remove the cells?

yes I saw them removing the cells, it was over really quickly, but it looks huge on the screen because it's magnified, they reassured me it was not as big as it looked. I had my period the day after my lletz, that was a bit heavier than usual but nothing to bad, and I've had to wear a pad every day since because it's like a watery blood, nothing major x you can ask me anything you want x tomorrow... feeling so nervous. Not 100% sure why. I know u haven't got cancer so not too sure why I feel so sick 

Only normal hun, I was exactly the same, couldn't get it out of my head, I was just awful, but when I got there I was ok and when they done it I was surprised how well I dealt with it, it's alot worse in your head than it actually is xx