Results are in

Hi ladies
I’ve just recieved my letter for results on biopsy I had lletz done on the 21st December under general
It says my biopsy shows cin 1 2 and 3
And their is no suggestion of cancer
It don’t say anything about clear margins etc
I have to go back in 6 months…is this good?
I didnt know it was possible to have cin 1 2 and 3 anyone else had these results


i had my lletz done last summer and came back cin2, cin3 and high grade Cgin also didnt say whether there were clear margins or not but went to multidisciplinary meeting and was agreed that I would be seen in 6 months, which was yesterday,  so I would definitely say it's a good thing 

My results have come back as cin 1,2 going in for lletz on feb 3rd :/ x