Results are in

Hi ladies

Had excellent news yesterday, my MRI was clear and no concerns with my examination. They say they are delighted how I’ve responded to treatment and I’m cancer free!

I just wanted to post this to help those who are waiting for results etc.

I had chemo radio etc for a large tumour and node involvement and now they are saying it’s worked.

I never felt like treatment was working when I was going through it so wanted to post this for all those people feeling the same. Going to post on the treatment section as well as I see there has been a lot of panic and worry.


Fantastic! So pleased for you x

Ps thanks to everyone for ur support so far! 

Wonderful news so pleased for you. Thanks for the positive vibes xx

Really chuffed for ya! It's such a buzz isn't it When you get the news! Happy celebrating! Xx

Brilliant! Now go and have some fun!

Oh this is just brilliant news! I have been wondering how you were getting on! So pleased for you x

So glad, Kimmy! Xxx