Results are in

Hi everyone 

 So I've got my results letter today which says they found cin 1 and 2 and high grade cgin. It says 'these are the changes we expected. The abnormal cells have been completely removed' 


so good news I think! They've also sent an appointment for April.


does any one know if they test for hpv from the biopsy? I'd like to get the vaccine but I have to be clear of the virus first




Good news hun x

Yeah thank god not much detail but says completely removed so must be clear margins xx

Yes hun sounds like it :) xx

Can relax till April now lol do you know if they test for hpv xx

I think they do Hun, I've seen people say there colp showed hpv xx I spoke to my gp today said unsure if clear margin as doesn't say in the results xx

I'll ask my gp but for now I am just going to relax xx

Yes, they would have picked up HPV thru biopsy, mine did. If it's a high strain one they especially mention it. Mine just said hpv changes. Pleased to hear good news for you today x

Do they offer hpv jab? I thought it was for the none sexually active from secondary school age is it 12? Im 30 and too old lol how old are you? x

My results letter says nothing about hpv which I thought it would. I'm 25 my doctor said if i can clear the infection I can have the vaccination but I have to pay for it xx

I would have thought they would mention HPV in letter? But I'm only going from my letter that stated 'HPV changes' only. That's good about being able to pay for your vaccine if you are clear. Maybe you x

Maybe you are* 

I think the hpv changes are pre any dysphasia ? I would think to have abnormal cells and high severity I must have hpv but I will confirm. i. Can always wait till my 6 month check up and hope I've cleared it then xx

Sorry, yes you would have had the virus to develop the cell changes, but as you say it might have cleared by your check, when you'll be able to have your vaccine x

Yeah hopefully in the time until April I can clear it :) xx


so happy for you!

i. Regards to hpv my understanding is thIs, if you have abnormal smear and hpv they send you for colposcopy, if you have abnormal smear and no hPv they re do smear in 6 months. 

My letter came back as cin 3 without clear margins and with appointment for March for further colposcopy and test of cure (to check that hpv virus has gone) and if not then a further round of llet z. Hope this help? 

Anyway now you can relax for a little while and enjoy the weekend.


Yes that makes sense and really helps thank you. I am definitely relieved now and glad I only waited 3 weeks fot results xx