Results are in....

Hey guys.

I had a cone biopsy done under GA 10 days ago at a private hospital in Malta, I'm from the UK but currently living here since March and had bad experiences with the state health care so decided to pay for the op privately which went well and i was treated so much better. I was unsure how I was receiving my results so I contacted the hospital today who gave me a number for the Lab and said to call them. I spoke to someone in the Lab and she said my results came in today!! 10 days, well just under, is that not very quick?? Should I be worried? She said I will receive them in the post but also gave me her email and asked me to email her with all my details and she may even be able to send them over to me later today.!! I feel sick and panicky, my smear came back as severe dyarkosis ,coloscopy showed up acetowhite grade 3, but then punch biopsys were CIN 2 and 3. I imagine the results she's sending are going to be in terms I won't understand too. Has anyone else had cone biopsy results back so quickly?

Thanks for reading and wishing everyone else all the luck in the world with their results too.

XXX :-)

My results came in before 10 days which is normal time and mine wasn't bad try be positive Hun xx hope yoire recoverIng well xx

Thank you Tasha, and we'll done on your results, great news. The lady from the lab called me back this afternoon apologising that she had been informed she was not allowed to send them via email after telling me she could this afternoon and that they have been put in the post to me and the private doctor that did it so fingers crossed they will be here tomorrow. I'm recovering well thank you, hope your OK too. Take care xx

If was bad news Hun I'm sure being private the consultant would have rang you to come in, stay as positive as you can hun xx