...results are in...

...as far as he can tell the cancer has gone!!

I've Been seen at two hospitals so consultant is waiting on a couple of scans from the other hospital but as far as he is concerned there is no trace! This is 5 weeks after finishing chemo, tad and brachy. Unless I hear otherwise, scanned again in 3 months.

I'm obviously pleased but I think it will take a few clear scans to feel properly happy!

I'm just happy the treatment has been worth it and that i'm in a more positive place than at the beginning of the Summer!


Thanks to everyone for your support xxx

Hi sweetpea 

im so happy for you, feel like we have went through all this together somehow as im a few weeks behind you.  Im so delighted you got some good news it's well deserved!

beaming for u


Sweet Pea,

How brilliant! So very pleased for you. Love seeing a good girl come out on top!

Enjoy every second of celebrating


Bloody fantastic news!!!  So pleased for you.  There are lots of ladies on here at the moment who have just been diagnosed and will love to hear this news!

Fantastic news. You must be feeling mighty relieved right now. Enjoy this positive news, try not to worry about the next check-up if you can. 

Big hugs,



Fab news! I love positive posts like this xxx

Thanks Kimmy!!! Hopefully this will be you in a few weeks xx have you got an appointment?x

Thanks everyone!

Is it normal to not be jumping for joy? I am already worried about it coming back :/ 

I think thats perfectly normal Sweetpea - it's totally natural to be wary of 'the rug being pulled out from under you'.  Give it chance to sink in. xxxxx

Such wonderful news sweetpea, so pleased for you xx

Having just being recently diagnosed this brings me soo much hope. It's great to see some good news. 

Really chuffed for u. 

Nicola x 

Brilliant, brilliant news Sweet pea :-)

Yup! you need a couple more of those under your belt before you can dream of becoming blasé about it all, but hopefully that day will come, sooner rather than later :-)

Be lucky :-)