Results are in


ive just called my colposcopy office about my LLETZ  treatment on the 14th and my results are on the system.

she couldn't tell me the results but did say they wernt in the urgent system and I won't have to go back there. They are two weeks behind in paperwork so should expect a letter in this time frame.

this should sound positive shouldn't it? But why am I still worried out of my brain? I just can't shake any of this experience off. I'm so sure in my head that there is so much going on down there, would the receptionist have been able to say if it was bad or can they not say?

has anybody else had their results for LLETZ recently?



Mands congrats on getting your results, I think when it comes back cin3 irs easy to suspect the worst... Ul be called back in 6 months probably to the colposcopy clinic where they will do a smear again.... just wait for your letter, I'm sure u will be okay though x

Thanks for your reply ruby,

i think when its in black and white in front of your eyes it will help lift the worry. 

Hate waiting think it has to be the worse thing I've ever been through :(


Mands it sounds to me like you can take a deep breath & relax, the receptionist can't give you details but would be proffessionaly obliged not to give false information as well.  I would expect your letter to say your LLETZ was successful & you will be called back in 6 months for a check up.  It's great news! :D  *hug*

Thanks lovely :)

as soon as I read it I will be cracking open a bottle of fizz. I sound so negative I know but have felt very low recently So really hoping things start to brighten up


Defo open that bottle of fizz this weekend you deserve it!