Results are in

hi all.... So, mild changes hpv positive high risk, colposcopy showed servere changes, I was booked in for LLETZ under general and a biopsy, waited a long 5 weeks and today I had my letter, cin2 found on the biopsy and no other abnormalities found! 6 monthly smears from now and I've been discharged from the hospital! So absolutely over the moon!!! Ladies waiting on results is the hardest thing in all this, but please please stay positive and strong... Thank you all for your support each and every one of you has been amazing! #dontfearthesmear good luck to you each and every one of you! Sending love and good wishes sky xxxxxx

Hey Sky,

That is wondeful news! Have a great weekend x

All very normal chick, I had my lletz

under general and lost a lot of yellow liquid and 

smelt quite bad, no infection go said normal

but go and see them if concerned! 

Good luck sweet xx


Great news- really happy for you!!!