Results are in!

Hi everyone just had my results from my colposcopy on the 18th may, so so relieved!! Just to let you know  4 weeks ago my smear results came back severe to cancer cell levels , CIN and GCIN  so I needed an urgent colposcopy and lletz treatment and my results after 3weeks waiting are pre cancer changes only, no evidence of anything more serious, abnormalities have been completely removed, and no further treatment is required, you won't believe how relieved I am and would like to thank everyone on this forum that has kept me sane over the past 4 weeks, it's been the hardest few weeks of my life! Big hugs to everyone and will definitely be keeping in touch with all your stories and supporting you all, love Debbie xx

Brilliant news xxx

Hi Debbie

Great to hear a good news story :-) Good luck for your post-treatment check up and hope that will be the last you hear of it!



Thanks girls yes positive thinking now until my 6 month check up! big hugs xx

Yay.. Great news :) especially as the awful wait for results is over. X

Brilliant news!  And good to hear!  take care xx

Fab news xx

Thankyou all! My 6 month check up was normal! Yippee xx