Results are in...MDTM?

Hi all
I hope everyone is bearing up ok waiting for results etc?
Today I had a call from doctor and results of biopsy came back with CIN 1, this is good, but the doctor still wants to discuss my case at the next multi disciplinary meeting… As to wether or not they should treat me? I’m guessing this is because I have had 2 past procedures for CIN 3. Has anyone else been in this situation? I would really appreciate them sharing how they were treated?

Hugs to all xxx

My mdt came back to have my smear in 6 months at my gp x

Thanks Tasha, I am presuming that I will just be followed up with repeat smears... But  doctor said may have treatment based on my 2 previous colposcopy being CIN 3? I guess il just have to wait now! Good luck for the next smear, hope all is well x

You too Hun xxx