Results are in kind of!

Hiya so its only been a week since my biopsy, I thought I would give the clinic a call and see if they are back

the reception said "they wont Be back yet but I'll check" to my surprise she said yes they are back that's quick however they are with the consultant I asked what they were and she said

she couldn't tell me as the consultant needs to dictate a letter and call me? Should I be worried? 


My my colposcopy showed CIN3 covering the whole of my cervix 



Hi Lola,

It could just be that you need surgery, depending on how many abnormal cells you have i should think it would be a LLETZ or a Cone Biopsy. Leave it till next week and if you still havent heard anything give them another call and ask for someone to call you back.

Try not to worry to much hun, not much you can do until you have spoken to someone.

Trudy x

Hiya thanks for your reply :) I know I need surgery as he told me this at my last appointment

but he told me that my results would take 4-6 weeks to come back obviously iv only waited a week although I don't have 

then in front of me I know my consultant does lol! Wish she would of just told me over the phone 



Yeah i know what you mean, did you speak to the colposcopy dept? After my biopsy they said my doctor will get my results and explain them to me, i rang my doctors they said they didnt have them (even though it is sent through on via email to update the system) so i was back and forth and felt like i was getting nowhere! It is very frustrating and all the doctor does is sign off the letter before its sent! Grr hopefully you should get something in writing within the next week.


Yeah I spoke to the colposcopy Deparmtent, the receptionist literally wouldn't tell me 

anything (she would make a good bloody MI5 spy) haha! 

I guess by the end of this week I will know what treatment they will need to do 



Aww, yeah hopefully you get a letter by end of the week. Keep us posted hun, best to keep sharing otherwise it will drive you mad :-)

I have an appointment to see the consultant on Wed so hopefully know my next stage then!


Hi Lola just had my colposcopy today, no treatment just three biopsies so now I wait. Good luck

kat x

Thanks Kat I rang them again this morning, the receptionist again wouldn't tell me anything as she's not medically trained she said "he knows your previous history so needs to know what to do next" iv no idea what that means seems I have no previous history bloody driving me round the bend! 




I can imagine Lola. I rang and spoke to colposcopy nurse this morning and she told me its normal to go for the colposcopy and not have treatment there and then which i didnt really understand as my mum had treatment the same day 

Kat xx

I know what you mean most that iv read up on here have had treatment that same day

my consultant told me I would have treatment that day to then be told he couldn't do it its frustrating isn't it? 

I'm trying not to worry that they've got my results back so quickly because surely if there was any signs of CC then he would of called yesterday 



It's the waiting game now. I have started spotting but I guess that's normal after biopsies?

kat xx

I bled for five days after mine I can't tell you when the cramps will go

because I constantly have cramping in my back and stomach, I wouldn't worry

about the spotting xxx