Results are in - I am in the clear! :)

Hi everyone

Just letting you know that I got my results back this morning - ALL CLEAR!

I am so relieved to have received this news.

So crazy to think that I got my diagnosis back at the start of April last year. This has been a long time coming and I am so happy to be here, and be able to share my news with you girls.

I am having wine tonight!!!

Rosie xx

Hi Rosie 

im so thrilled to hear this wonderful news! Cheers :)

Fantastic News Rosie!! Congratulations!!

Best wishes from all at Jo's :-)

Rosie this is amazing news. So very very happy for you xx

amazing news Rosie :-) 

im delighted for you!

have a vino for me please!

OMG Great news This has been such a long time coming. I am so happy for you. Think of all the things that have happened these last 21 months. It's impossible to be impressed. Well done. 

That's brilliant news, Rosie!

Anne xx

Amazing news!!!! 

You enjoy the wine xxx

Wonderful news Rosie. Have a great celebration tonight! Xx

Fab news Rosie :)

brillianr news Rosie xx

Congratulations Rosie


Brilliant news,congratulations x

Brilliant news!! 

Celebration time xx

Brilliant, brilliant news Rosie! Two of us in this house raising our glasses to you!


I have just read your whole thread from start to finish, my goodness you have been through it! Time now to enjoy your bundle of joy, do not look back, and good luck for your future