Results are in confused

Hi again, I’m happy to say my biopsy results came today saying there is no cancer, obviously really happy about this. I’m just confused as it says that I do have cells that need to be removed so I am going for another colposcopy on Monday to have a local anaesthetic and have cells removed. It does not say what the cells are? Also they seem to have gotten me in very quickly. I was treated 2 weeks ago for an ectropian due to bleeding after sex, but the bleeding has not stopped. So I’m glad I can talk to my gyno about that. I just wish the letter could have told me more, do I assume I am going in for LLETZ?

Hi Vicki

Yes, it'll be a LLETZ. Biopsies are not taken just to confirm whether you do or don't have cancer, they also do them to confirm the level of cell changes that you have (this is the CIN 1, 2 or 3 that you'll see people mention on here).

Basically if you have CIN2 or CIN3 it means you have some pre-cancerous cell changes, which, if left untreated, could eventually turn into cancer. This is why they have called you in for treatment - so they can zap the little blighters long before they can cause a problem!

Hope that puts your mind at rest


What moggsy said ^^^

Very routine and they may have called for you early with having a spare slot. Least it will be out the way without weeks of waiting.

All the best for Monday x

What moggsy said ^^^

Very routine and they may have called for you early with having a spare slot. Least it will be out the way without weeks of waiting.

All the best for Monday x

Thanks lady's! I just dont understand why my Smear results were clear. The only reason I went for colposcopy was because of the symptoms I have been having. Main one heavy bleeding during and after sex. Aswell as heavy discharge and the constant need to have a wee!  I guess I'm just annoyed that they didn't tell me on the letter what cells they found. But I only have to wait until tomorrow to find out more. Thanks again xx 

Does anyone know if pre cancerous cells can give similar symptoms to cancer? Sorry for all the questions. x 

Pre cancerous cells tend to be symptomless, which is why we are screened. Bleeding sometimes does occur though. Let me know how it goes x

I will do thanks lovely. im nervous but do is everyone through this. I'm just hoping that the LLETZ doesn't show something that the biopsy missed. I'm not even sure if that is possible. I just want to know what cells were found. I go in at 16.40 today so not long! X 

How did it go? Xxx

Hey thanks for asking! It went good and bad. But my fears have gone away as it was CIN 2 :) but bad because they failed to tell me that as I have a coil I was not supposed to have sex for 5 days before LLETZ because they have to take the coil out and any sperm still living in there could get me pregnan. As me and my husband had sex on Saturday they could not do procedure so I have to go back next Monday. She apologised and said they can't tell me that in the letter as it offends some people?? I also asked her why she thinks the bleeding had not stopped even though I had ectropian treated and she said not to worry as she will remove the hole area where ectropian is next week. So in general I feel much better about things just annoyed that I couldn't get LLETZ done when I had already built myself up for it. Never mind another week won't hurt ! X 

Hi did you have your appointment today?

Hi again, sorry I haven't replied sooner iv not been on here for a few days. 

Yes I had my LLETZ finally, and it was not to bad at all, although now I'm on my period and it's the worse one I have had in ages, I think that is alot to do with the fact I can't use tampons. So uncomfortable! However other than that I actually feel better in myself, so either the CIN2 was effecting me physically ( although I know they say it has no symptoms) or alot of what I was feeling was in my head. obviously i still have the wait for results but I'm sure they will come back saying they got rid of it all. 

Hope you are ok? X