Results are in(children mentioned!)

Hi everyone!
I first of all want to thank all of you women for being so kind helpful brave and informative.
I had my colposcopy today(which is nowhere near as bad as I imagined!)
Anyway after the colposcopy the lovely Dr who was so gentle and kind asked me to come into her office she asked the nurse for tissues and shut the door. So before she even said anything the signs were there. Today I have been diagnosed with advanced cc and am not sure what stage as the biopsies won’t be back til Tuesday buy the Dr has said it’s advanced and I will need chemotherapy and radiotherapy to fight this. And I must be honest I am scared out of my mind and it feels like I’m dreaming. As my other posts indicate I was sure I had cc unfortunately today feels like a dream,like nothing is real. I am unsure of what to do next I need to tell my 8 year old without hurting her(which in itself is impossible!) I’m sorry for whinging but right now it still hasn’t sunk in as was told a little over 3 hours ago…if anybody has read this and replied I thank-you for putting up with my moaning and replying.
And I’m grateful all you ladies are here xx
Big hugs to everyone
Sorry again


So sorry to hear this. Just know you can fight this like many women here have done the same and you are not alone. You don't need to tell your daughter until you feel ready. Could you ask a family member or clsoe friend to be there when you talk to your daughter I don't have children so don't know if that would help, that way maybe later on if your daughter is worried (i know she is only 8) she will know that she can talk about any worries with that person. Not sure if that makes sense. 

PS - no apologies needed on here! x 

Hi. we're all here for you as we were all in the same place you are in at one time 

I was diagnosed with cc last year (stage 4a) and I was expecting the absolute worst. I can honestly say that physically the treatment is no where near as bad as you think it's going to be (well it wasn't for me - I did a blog on my treatment - it may help you to read it and get my experience ) I think if you click on my name you'll see the many different posts I made.

Emotionally it is very very hard but you do come through it. this time now is probably the worst but once you know your staging and your treatment a new kind of emotion takes place. 

Maybe postpone telling your daughter till you know what's what if possible . 

I actually didn't tell 2 of my kids and not too many people know even now. 

I had 6 months off work due to ladies problem is way people know - what they speculateven is up to them. 

I told my kids I had a problem I'm my tummy which was going to be treated and that the treatment was going to make me poorly but then I'd get better. Tbh, I don't think they would have noticed anything if I hadn't told them apart from the fact that I slept more (and cried but my sister had just died so I had an excuse).

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  my last 2 scans have shown no evidence of disease .  I'm feeling OK with no real after effects, back at work as a childminder,  looking after 3 children younger than 18months 5 days a week, 10 hours a day. 

I do have down times - more so at the moment because I'm coming up to scan time which causes everyone anxiety but I have to remain positive and hopeful like we all do x 


Keep posting on here - it helps no question is too small or too silly x x



Thank-you so much for a speedy reply!

I do have one question though:has anyone on here with advanced cancer(notsure of stage as biopsy results in Tuesday) Dr said looks advanced,gone through chemotherapy and radiotherapy on immunosuppression and low immune system?and how effective is it with no immune system?

Anyway back to you phileepa I am grateful for your reply and not meaning to be rude I promise I will read your story,however today I am completely drained and just want to sleep. I believe the more I know with others who have been through this and are still experiencing it with such brave women who are so willing to share their sooo many experiences,I am glad I found you as I will be living on here after today as I know I have support from my family and friends and now you brave girls here who take in everyone and hopefully can be my second new family on here!

All your kind words,comments and complete support are appreciated unbelievably so(and definitely beats browsing Google!which I did at first before I found you all) 

I'm sorry for apologising it's how I am and feel like I'm wastingothers time just whining or whinging with worry.

I feel like I am a bother to everyone so I am sorry

Anyway big hugs and love

Harlee xxx

Hello Harlee 

Just want to send love and hugs. Take your time, get some sleep and a fresh head then plan. Hopefully you would have to wait too long for your results!

Chin up, take it easy xxx 

Hi H:

So glad you found us.

There are a ton of women on here who have been diagnosed with "advanced" CC and are doing great. You are going to be one of them too. 

I hope you have tons of support to lean on if you want to. Sometimes, it's easier to wait until you have the facts and the treatment plan before you tell people. Totally your choice of course. Personally, I wouldn't tell your baby until you know exactly what's going on. You know her best - you may not end up telling her at all. I never actually told my mum who is 83 and lives in a different country. I just told her I needed a hysterectomy and left it at that. Didn't want to worry her.

Everyone does this differently and you'll get support from all of us every step of the way. Oh and please stop apologizing for bothering us. We are all in this together: it is never a bother and no vent/question/melt down/worry/whatever is a ever ever a bother. 

Take care sweetie,

love t xx



Hi there sweetie

i do hope you are able to have a good rest/sleep as it is so much easier to deal with anything when your mind has had time to rejuvenate after such a shock. 

When your dr said "advanced" that could mean anywhere from locally advanced which is concidered stage 2b or higher. Until you have scans (MRI/PET) they cannot just stage your cancer. The scans detirmine if the cancer has spread to your bladder or colon or parimetria or further. So although she said advanced it does leave it at a vague stage. With saying that, it also doesn't matter if you are stage 1b2 or stage 4.  The treatment is pretty much the same thing.

I have have treatment for stage 2b and didn't find the treatment that bad. I was able to drive myself 45minutes there and back. Managed my house including the baby who was only 9/10 months. Walked the dog. Shopping. You will be more tired but most women do not have huge issues. If your chemo drug is cisplatin which is what most of us have during radiation treatment you will not loose your hair. Really nobody will know unless you tell them. Read through treatment posts and you can get some more experiences, it will reassure you. 

I also believe that a positive mindset will help you tremendously. And as I'm sure you have heard stay away from Google as it will do you no good. The info is outdated and has many errors or misinformation.  

feel free to post as much as you want, ask even the  silliest  of questions. We are all in this together and before you know it youll be on the other side. 

I think I would also hold off on telling your daughter until you know when your treatment starts as there is no need to send her into a panic. By New Years we will be sharing a virtual glass of wine to celebrate you finishing your treatment  



Oh my gosh you girls are truly AMAZING!

I would say more but am truly speechless.....

I am so glad I found you all!!!

Hello H,

I really just wanted to add my support alongside all the other contributors, to wish you all the very best and to give you hope that there is life after this illness. It all takes a while to sink in, but give yourself time to get your head around what has happened and what comes next. There is no hurry to share with anyone else at this stage, so don't feel rushed. Keep posting, nothing is a moan here and all feelings are acceptable!! Big hugs xx

Hi again 

I wanted to read your older post before answering your question on immunosuppression as I knew I had read somewhere about this with someone on a previous post. 

you didn't say when your transplant was but I'm guessing it has been in the last few years if you are still on medication to suppress your immune system. So, the good news is that having radiation will break down your immune system so during treatment you might actually not have to take your meds. There is a lot new studies being done for transplant patients to have radiation therapy instead of taking these drugs. There was recently a great article I read about this but cannot find the link(I looked for it)

as for your cc it was most likely caused by these drugs keeping your immune system from trying to fight off hpv.  But I'm not a dr. However it is proven that transplant recipients are 2x more likely to develop cancer. 

Also good news is that you will be treated with extra care as you have a medical history And I wouldn't be surprised if they want to do a study on you.

I am very curious if you will have chemo as it is usually to assist in the radiation but you might not be able to all depending on what organs you received. 

all together though, you will be treated and the treatment is very effective And you should have the red carpet of care. Do let us know what happens. We are all here for you!!!

Lolli...well everyone! 

Thank-you againfor your posts,unfortunately i regret that when I say advanced cancer the Dr mentioned in her opinion stage 2. However it is not confirmed until Tuesday when the biopsies come back so I didn't mention it as not concurred yet...but all she would call it was advanced cervical cancer,which is why I called it that(sorry!)Lolli I have been on immunosuppression since 2002 had my second transplant in 2006. I have many problems with my liver so my dosage of immunosuppression and steroids etc haven't really been reduced..I read somewhere too about 6 years ago the risk organ transplant patients have also Lolli. Didn't think anything of it at the time tbh! I was told it wouldn't be an option to have just chemo as both (imagine I'm an insistent Dr) WILL need both! Bless her she was a caring kind Dr and the only problem she has at the moment is pain control as she hadn't a clue what I was allowed to stop the pain in my back and groin. Luckily I have a 6 month check up today at London long day on public transport but bonus is all the Dr's details and plans will be there quicker along with some answers for me as well (fingers crossed)

I'm sure I sound silly and I haven't been a member long and my diagnosis is still raw but you gals are truly amazing and the support and replies I have received I'm so so grateful for.

God am gonna cry again lol

Thank-you all of you for helping me with this xxxxx so much love sent to you all! Xxx

Hi Harlee!

Welcome to the forum! (((((HUGS)))))

Please, never apologise to us, if we didn't want to be here we wouldn't log in, it's as simple as that. We all enjoy talking to each other and cheering each other along. The more the merrier! :-)

I remember when Philleepa first joined us and told us she was a stage 4 and I really didn't know quite what to say to her except to let her know that Carmel had been treated for advanced cancer. So I was hoping Philleepa would come along to tell you her story because she is a complete star! All the way back from a stage 4, drove herself to treatment every day, remained chipper and blogging throughout and kept the whole thing a secret from the outside world! And here she is! In like an arrow :-)

And Lolli! Brilliant! She's really been doing her homework hasn't she! I had no idea that 'advanced' could mean anything from a 2b (I was a 2b five years ago) and checking up stuff about organ transplant recipients for you as well :-)

Sounds to me like you've already had a belly-full of surgery (pun intended) so the fact that you can go straight to chemo-rads without more surgery is brilliant! I had both surgery and chemo-rads and I can promise you the chemo-rads are so much easier to deal with than a hysterectomy!

So happy to have you on our team!

Be lucky :-)

HarleeKwin I am a newbie to all this as well. I have been staged at 1b1 and have two teens 13 & 14. My thoughts are with you girl!

My first thoughts were to tell my children but my hubby said to wait and I am glad we did. I now know my stage and what is planned, surgery booked for 25/11. I now feel they don't need to be bogged down with the upset and worry, it's a lot for a child to deal with specially with all the positive stories I have been reading on here. I too felt like my world had collapsed but 3 weeks on most days I feel good, scared about my surgery but eager to get it done. We will just tell the kids that I need a further procedure - my daughter has had the hpv jabs and knows I had precancerous cells removed (or so I though) but as yet she has not questioned anything. I hope that they will never need to know.  Only you will know what is the right approach for your family. 

Sending you lots of luck and good wishes :)