Results are in - but worried still

I just got my results following an LLETZ - I sort of bullied the GP into checking for my results as I knew it would be quicker than waiting for consultant. 

The GP rang me with results yesterday - I understood them better than her! Still waiting for consultant to ring to talk me through them and advise on next treatment. 

Results are:

- CGIN found in 6 of 7 tissue blocks 

- CIN3 found in 4 blocks

- CIN2 found in 2 blocks

- CIN1 found in 1 block 

- one clear margin, one margin with CIN3

- no invasion (ie no cancer in tissue blocks)

I assume at the very least I need another LLETZ. 

I am worried that I am going to have issues when I am pregnant (I am 25, engaged and was hoping to be pregnant this time next year!). Does anyone know if you can have your cervix measured before becoming pregnant? The consultant has already removed 7mm of tissue and God knows how much more she will need to remove. She said that the risk of late term miscarriage or premature labour is down to how short your cervix is at the end of it all, and part of how high the risk is depends on how long your cervix was to start with

Also, does this mean I defo don't have cancer or just that there wasn't any cancer in the tissue they examined? Want to be relived but scared to let myself!

The post-LLETZ discharge is so gross, especially as I don't get a period (I'm on the mini pill) so having a constant heavy leakage (which a week after treatment is getting heavier) is really not what I am used to dealing with. The no tampons rule doesn't help. Just feel gutted that my lady bits are going to be disgusting and off limits for 6 weeks (minimum) longer than I thought. *grumble*

Any advice or comforting words would be much appreciated! 







Sounds really positive Hun! It sounds like it will be a repeat LLET, I'm having the same. As for a pregnancy, thatll be something you'll have to discuss with your consultant. They may want to put a cervical stitch in when you become pregnant. my family is complete so luckily not something I have to worry about x