Results are in! 8.5.15

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I hope you're all doing ok?

OK my results are in 1b1 cancer has been downgraded to 1a1 cancer.  The LLETZ that I had on 23.4.15 removed ALL the cancer with CLEAR margins so I am VERY happy about this.  He said that can be the end of treatment or I can choose to have a normal hysterectomy to remove any chance of it coming back, now, I am 39, single & have only ever wanted to be a Mum to my fur babies, this for me, was a no brainer, hysterectomy please!

I have to wait for a letter as now I am CANCER FREE this will be done at the general hospital & not the Oncology one.

I am SOOOOOOOOO relieved & I know I am very lucky! Most Ladies reading this will be having their own battle with cancer & I wish you EVERY luck in the world! As a Medium I believe in the power of healing crystals & have sat for the last month with a bag of 5 cystals down my pants & I believe this has contributed to my success in downgrading my cancer along with all the healing & distant healing that I have received.  If any of you lovely Ladies would like me to send some distant healing to them then please tell me your name & I will add you onto my healing list.

Thank you to all the Ladies that have responded previously & especially to TIVOLI who I believe is a little Angel on Earth! XXX

Great, great news X x


That's brilliant news, I am so, so pleased for you.



Out with the dancing shoes girls!


(you made me blush)

Thanks Ladies!

Awww sorry Tivoli! Xxx