Results are finally in

Hi everyone

Firstly I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to this amazing forum and all the incredible women on here who help each other out so much through what is a truely terrifying and worrying time.

I would not have coped as well without this site to come to for advice etc.

My story has turned into a good news one today, after waiting for 3.5 weeks for the results of my Lletz, I have finally had the results letter this morning which confirms CIN3 was found within the sample but it has been removed and I will have a repeat smear in 6 months.

I am sure that nearer to that 6 month date I will be worrying and on here again, but for now I just feel a huge amount of relief and not having CC diagnosed or any further treatment recommended for now.

I wish all you ladies good luck for the rest of your journeys and I will back soon!



That's fantastic! Really happy for you Kay xx


Great news :-)


So happy for you :D *hug* thank you for sharing your good news & giving us all more hope for our own happy outcomes!

Fantastic news for your results! 

I had CIN 3 diagnosed from Pap test last week and am waiting for colposcopy results. Have LLETZ under GA booked for Thursday... How did you find recovery from it? I am reading discharge can continue for several weeks :( 

so great to hear good results can come, when I've done nothing except dread bad news for the last few days.... Thank you for sharing the good results :) 

Hi everyone

Thanks so much for your good wishes.  Sarah T - I had Lletz under local and was very lucky with my recovery.  I did have a slight discharge for around 3 weeks but hardly any bleeding and no pain or other symptoms.  I think it is different for each person but most of the stories on here are similar to mine so try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know).

Good luck to you all