Results are back

just spoke to the secretery and she said I have cgin 1,2 and 3 found in my loop biopsy no cgin cells present but will have a meeting in mid of November to see  wheather I need more treatment as they didn't find any cgin cells they haven't said anything about a 6 month appointment follow up xx


I am not sure what Cgin is? is this precancerous like CIN?


if so then mine came back CIN3 no clear margins and need further treatment in 6 months.

how do you feel?


I'm slightly confused as smear came back severe cgin cells but none were found, so they are going to discuss in a meeting if I need any treatment in november, cgin cells are glandular cells, I'm glad has all come back ok though xx

sorry you are confused. I hope it all works out well for you, I would say that if they are discussing it for november then hopefully it will all be ok.


take on board all the wonderful advice yu have offered to others recently and try and remain positive

big hugs


Oh definitely positive, thank you lovely and hope other people with cgin cells don't worry as from my experience xx

I got excited when the post came today but it was my library card haha :(

glad your results are back, seems bit confusing but positive! Xx

It is very confusing, didn't mention a check up in 6 months or anything they are waiting for the consultant meeting in November xx

I don't really understand are they saying your smear showed cgin but nothing found in lLetz?

im going to call my gp later after 230 they do results so see if they have anything xx

Yeah said no cGin was found in my loop biopsy x

That's confusing but good! Xx

It's very confusing after how all the consultants and Drs said it came up severe so really confused x

Hey Tash glad to hear your results were positive xxx

I hope so Hun how are you feeling xx